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Space Bridge Partners Highlights

Space Bridge Partners Announces Service to Privately Finance Space Missions

New boutique advisory firm fills gap between mission organizers and prospective funders


SILICON VALLEY, Calif. (09 January 2024) – Space Bridge Partners (SBP), a boutique advisory firm, today unveiled its plan to curate a global network of private funding sources for space missions focused on exploration, science, and education objectives. Founded by space and finance professionals in the US, Europe, and Middle East, SBP seeks to tap the vast resources of the world’s private sector to help expand humanity’s understanding of the universe and improve life on Earth.


The firm will advise interested individuals, family offices, corporate brands, and media companies in order to connect them with civil space agencies, universities, nonprofit organizations, and startups organizing specific space missions.


“Every year dozens of critically important space missions fail to secure funding from traditional public sources,” said Sarah Pousho, co-founder and CEO. “However, we believe there is plenty of private capital available if someone is able to facilitate introductions among the right partners at the right time. That is our objective.”


SBP’s team is currently tracking more than a dozen global missions with budget needs ranging from $500,000 to $100 million.


"For hundreds of years, exploration has led to remarkable discoveries that advanced humanity,” explained Andrew Nutter, co-founder and CEO of Gama, a French Space Solar Sail technology venture. ” This should and will continue in space. Space Bridge Partners will unite visionary sponsors and benefactors to further this goal.”      


SBP is currently building trusted relationships with private funding sources around the world. The firm’s model is primarily driven by success fees, with occasional consulting or retainer services.


"As NASA and its global partners continue to leverage taxpayer funds to push the boundaries of space exploration for the good of humanity,” said world-renowned planetary scientist and recently minted astronaut Dr. Alan Stern. “I look forward to seeing Space Bridge Partners grow the worldwide network of private funding sources to expand all of our efforts in the exploration, science, and education communities."


Over the past few years, several high-profile non-commercial space missions have been privately funded in whole or in part, including the 2019 Beresheet moon mission from SpaceIL and the planned 2024 Venus mission from Rocket Lab (NASDAQ: RKLB).

“Fifteen years ago, entrepreneurs with commercial space ventures faced a dearth of available funding, so a group of us created Space Angels Network to connect them with individual accredited investors,” said Guillermo Söhnlein, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “Today, billions of dollars of investment capital flow into startups around the world, so that problem is being well addressed. With SBP, we aim to do the same for missions centered around science, education and extending the interplanetary legacy of the human race.”


Interested mission funders may connect with SBP by emailing or visiting




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Ryan Hayter

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